Serving leaders driven by meaning

We serve leaders in the business world who desire change, a better life, and connection. We believe conscious leaders are our best instruments for important change. People wish to create meaning through their work. Conscious leaders know how to release that potential.

It's about freedom. And about leapfrogging unnecessary issues
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A new way for leaders to live, lead and serve

We live in a world where a vast number of people don’t realize the full version of themselves. They feel lonely and lack a sense of meaning. We provide a new way for leaders to live, lead and serve the world. We collaborate with them.

We have all been there
Every day we have enormous opportunity and every day we waste it, parking dreams, leaving projects undone, people unconnected and problems unsolved. We know. We have been there. We are all on a life journey. You, we, your colleagues, friends, kids, life partners. All of us.

Inner sustainability
When we know something is of true value for others, it is our responsibility to share it. That is why we created Human Core; to save you energy and time and provide a new way to live, lead and serve. It’s about growth. It’s about ways to leapfrog unnecessary issues. To shift and enrich your perspectives, to strengthen your inner sustainability and understand who you really are so that you can become a true leader.

Things that matter take time
Things that matter take time. Changing behaviour is difficult and changing values even more. We are not talking about a quick fix. It is about taking one step at a time, with guidance, and when you are ready, you take part of a community of practise around you, to learn with others – taking you further, faster.

Human Core reflects what we believe in

We have heard that human is a Sanskrit term for “a dispenser of divine gifts”; each and one of us are unique with special gifts to serve this world. Core is the way; we need to go inside of ourselves to go further.

Martin Lindström
I have worked with leaders a big part of my life. Never before have I seen a greater need from leaders to find more meaning. The need has probably always been there, sometimes well...
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Michaëla Berglund
My dream is to see people take full responsibility for themselves and their lives, because they are aware of how all is connected and that we are all drops from the same ocean. I ...
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Vesna Lucca
Imagine a world where all leaders serve the agenda of the future generations. Wishful thinking? Rather a necessity. I believe companies are our best instruments to improve society....
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