Do you know that you are wiser than you can imagine?

Yes. You are in the right place. You are here, so it’s very likely that you are in a good position to leap with the ideas and insights that you will discover.

Actually, we all do.

We do things that have never been done before. We create connections that eliminate loneliness and produce productivity. We innovate. We shine a light in a, sometimes, dark place.

It's about connecting to your core and purpose
2 min
check iconHave a desire to change
check iconYearn for a better life
check iconAre seeking true connection

We are both mysterious and powerful

And yet, just when we need our special powers the most, it often seems that they hide away, and our ability to express ourselves deserts us. Our creativity is blocked. Not just the ability to speak or write, but the insight and desire to say and do something important. This is painful. The painful zone between “I have something to contribute” and “I can’t figure out what to say or do.”

Is this it?

And more often than not, we ask ourselves “Is this it? Here I am feeling empty and yet I have all the success many would dream of”. Perhaps you also catch yourself doing things for no other good reason than that it is expected of you; it’s like being on autopilot.

It is more common than you can imagine. Many people live in this frustration zone for years. The ones who don’t, decided to go further, to dig deeper to understand more. Out there on the edges of their comfort zone.

You are here to shatter status quo

Deep down, you know you did not enter this life to walk status quo. You came to shatter the status quo. To expand the paradigm and to make sure that things are better because you have arrived.

There are two ways to grow. You get to choose.

What we all truly desire at our core is freedom. The true expression of our authentic self, our essence. And yet, we might feel reluctant and unsure about how to explore this, so we remain in our comfort zone. Well, life is progressive so if you remain the same, you become stagnant and tend to land in situations where you feel pushed by the nature of the universe to grow. And as you probably have experienced, there are two ways to grow. Pain or insight. In a way, we all get to choose.