Green steel and self-awareness

One of our exciting assignments!

The people at H2 Green Steel are brave enough to do something that no one has done before – to build a completely new steel mill powered by renewable energy. Steel production currently accounts for 7% of CO2 emissions globally. The steel industry needs to change in order for us to be able to achieve the climate goals set in Paris in 2015. And steel is just the beginning for H2 Green Steel. The hydrogen-based technology can be used to transform several different industries that currently emit large amounts of CO2. Such an investment requires courage, conviction and employees who know where they are going. We have the privilege of meeting all employees from all over the world who have chosen to be part of the company’s journey. For three days, we carry out a trip in nature somewhere in Sweden. During walks and in gatherings in a clearing, the participants discover new things about themselves and about their colleagues. We dive deep into purpose, values and what it means to be part of the company’s future. You get to know your colleagues in a new way and you notice a difference when you’re back at work. On every journey, CEO Henrik Henriksson participates and shares his views. Understanding yourself and others better is a big step on the way to succeeding in what no one has done before.